Herne Bay Youth! Theatre (HBYT) is pleased to help and support Alfie, a Herne Bay lad diagnosed with pallister killian syndrome (PKS).

Alfie's family are currently fundraising to help install a much needed wet room and better downstairs facilities at their home to accomodate his disability.

Alfie1 Alfie2

The first of many fundsraising events being laid on during 2022 at The Kings Hall, Herne Bay was



A magical evening of musical theatre that provided an insight into an acress's mind when becoming a particular character before performing.

Alice & Mabel teleported you through a whole series of characters from across some of the best musicals, raising an incredible £2,000 in the process, to help litlle Alfie..

The Kings Hall also has an incredible list of upcoming events this year. It's worth checking out.


For more information on little Alfie please visit https://www.facebook.com/Alfie-his-army-105685397445006/

To find out more on PKS visit https://www.facebook.com/pkskids/

There is more information on anxierty at https://www.facebook.com/bornanxious2018/

Alfie is also on Instagram at https://instagram.com/alfie_and_his_army_?r=nametag